Excel Presentation Section 1 (Ideas)

At first I had significant concern that I would find something for high school English. Then, I decided to think  outside the box and look at standard ideas that could be adapted for such courses:

Example One:  A classroom survey. This approach could be a great online anticipation guide and could also set up initial and on course discussion. Groups could also be organized with this particular approach!

 Screenshot 2013-10-07 15.20.00

Example Two:  A table style timeline:  In this case, events are listed in tables and can allow students to begin formulating information for a future essay or visual graphic presentation. It is also possible for this information to be converted to a more visual timeline in itself, as illustrated on the next page.

Screenshot 2013-10-07 18.38.15

Example Three:  (To access link) Timeline

Screenshot 2013-10-07 14.01.47

Timelines in this manner can be critical to help students manage novels that cover several months or even years (I am using a variant of this timeline for my English 12 class). Here, the information is converted into a manageable review of a character or story’s approaches, especially for those engaging in concepts related to actual history.

Example Four:


Developing this approach for MLA citation guide or to compile a checkout list for student book exchange

Example Five: (to access link)

Flow Chart: Can be used to show a character, plot, or novel structure shifts. Can also be used to make predictions or analyze character behavior by introducing alternative paths (this is elaborated on in section 2).

Screenshot 2013-10-07 14.10.30


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