The first of the “Ism’s” we are going to be looking over involves Classicism or the Enlightenment period (Age of Reason). This is the period of strong non-fiction writing that centers around the revolutionary phase of American history. From Thomas Paine to Thomas Jefferson, deeper education, deeper thinking, and a prior period of history where closed thinking had created volatile situations such as the Salem Witch Trials (1692) open doors for intellectual growth.

FIRST, learn how to do a Reader’s Journal (unless you are using Evernote for all of your notetaking). https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B30A9ielFUP-WFUtWVliUWNFNE0/edit?usp=sharing

You may also want to learn visual notetaking  as well (tablet users are welcomed here as well):


  • Create a notebook in Evernote entitled “Ism’s Project”
  • Go to

    http://ed.ted.com/on/Kf7UzHLk and be sure to do the entire lesson!

  • Copy and paste your answers into your Evernote.
  • Search online for two more links related to literary Classicism. Save these via Web Clipper to your Evernote Ism’s Project notebook.



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