The third of our core “ism’s”. A quick reminder that this is only a chunk of the critical analysis/themes of American literature, but these make up processes that carry America from its initial expansion period to its industrial/major power placement on the world’s stage.

First, it is important to know what a primary source is, as you will need to find them for this exercise.

Visit the following links for assistance:


Step 1: Students will research AT LEAST THREE source pieces of information on realism in American literature. Two of these sources must be PRIMARY SOURCES. The other(s) can be secondary. Using your web clipper, save these to your ISM’s Project Notebook.

If you find a PDF, video, or Word document, this counts as well. Download the text file and/or copy and paste the links into your Evernote ISM Project notebook.

Step 2: Write a two paragraph summary (with MLA Citation) on Realism. (MLA 2009 11-12th Grade shared with permission Kimberly Hearne). The summary should be at 8-13 sentences per body paragraph, with appropriate works cited list. SUBMIT THIS as a Word Document via shared link on Evernote or Google Docs (keep a copy in your Evernote Ism’s Project Notebook).



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