Romanticism/Gothic (Dark) Romanticism

We now are reviewing the Romanticism era in literature (which is critical, as understanding of it will make it even clearer why the Realism era had such an impact on society).

  • Step 1: You will need to download the Romanticism Log below, which is being shared with me courtesy Ms. Kimberly Hearne and is being used with her permission.

  • Step 2: Find AT LEAST one artifact (web page) on American Romanticism AND American Gothic (dark) romanticism from the web. Use Web Clipper and save it to your Evernote Ism’s Project Notebook.

Include information from the Romanticism Log you have downloaded.

English III Romanticism Log Part 1 12-13

  • Step 3: Develop a graphic chart of the key concepts concerning Romanticism using Use the three sources you have collected for this portion of the assignment.

  • Step 4: Do the Romanticism assignment (pp. 8-12 of the handout) via Evernote and share your work with the instructor.



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