Using Evernote and Bubbl. (a quick tutorial)

First, take time and acquaint yourself with Evernote.

Step 1: Download Evernote (  You may also wish to download the app for this if you use a tablet and/or smart phone. It is easy to do this unit in this manner.

Step 2: Download the web clipper ( (Android smart phones allow this to happen fairly easily, and I believe iPhones (4S and above do this as well, but you need to hit the share command).

Step 3: Watch the following video:

THEN go to the following website:

Step 4: Practice time: (Here is a support video)

  • Make a Notebook named English Practice.
  • Find something on American literature online (do not use Wikipedia for this exercise) and make a web clipping from it to Evernote. Save it to your English Practice notebook.
  • Type in a paragraph on what you learn from this clipping (you may do this directly underneath the web clipping); download the PDF (American Isms basics) I am providing you onto your desktop. Drag that PDF into Evernote.

Now it is time to learn Bubbl.

Step 1: Get a free Bubbl. account.

Step 2: Go to

Read through the steps on this particular site and review the video.

Step 3: Practice using Bubbl by making a few bubbles related to this assignment.

Step 4: Share your Bubbl practice with me.


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